NeverKinect – Play Neverball with Kinect

I managed to port a C++ test program back to the pure C api of OpenNI and integrated that into a Neverball extension. It still needs some configuration and improvements, but basically it works. Source is online at

I’ll write a bit more about the details of the code and how it works etc. in another post, but here I have already a short video, so you can see it in action. It was a bit difficult to film, but I hope its enough to get an idea of what I’m talking about

3 thoughts on “NeverKinect – Play Neverball with Kinect

  1. Hey Julian

    Are you still planning to do another post talking about this stuff? Would love to read it.


    • Hi Cheese

      Basically yes, but unfortunately I’ve not the time to work on the kinect (or any) projects at the moment. However I’m still alive and I’ll see if I can get this to a somehow usable state (at least).


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